Worst-Case Scenario



smile is the third curve
that tattoos his eye
He licks at the plump zero
her lips carve out when
surprised by his wolf whistle
Her insecurity is sirenic
He invites her to dinner

It may scrape his mind
whether or not she’s
the one
She isn’t
After all, she has Instagram
and an Associate’s Degree

She lets him kiss her once
but treads midnight alone
He is horny and disappointed
The night was a total bust
With lackluster company
and a mediocre meal
He wants his fifty bucks back


grin says
Lips, nose, and eyes
are a handsome constellation
He makes her laugh
Shows just enough interest
to keep her guessing
Then suggests dinner

He tells her about his non-profit,
his dreams, and his tabby
And thoughtfully probes her
for more profound stats
They share a kiss and a cab

His hands are shards
when he rapes and kills her
Clawing at wrists and thighs
Tearing them wide open
His lips, nose, and eyes
are a black hole
as he makes her disappear


Featured on the Little Death Lit