The Giant’s Heel

My skull is beneath a giant’s heel

He rocks it leisurely back and forth

Across the clouded, chewed cement

Taunting, tempting and teasing me


A pressure has been culminating for decades


He bellows gleefully, foot poised just so

His titanic weight balances precariously

Above the weak skin shielding my temple

Smile wide, he depresses experimentally


Pain trickles through clenched, grinding teeth


It is whimsy to him, my life, my lucidity

Just something he can play with at will

While I can barely see or hear anymore

The giant Foxtrots atop my eyes and ears


Spittle leaks from miserable, bile-filled cheeks


There is bloodlust in his bulging limbs now

He tastes the terror licking behind my mind

A birdlike skull such as mine is merely dust

In the momentum of a heavy, cobbled boot


A soul ruptures, and one thousand screams flee



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