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Hello! I am currently available for:

  • Book Promotion (How I got multiple independent bookstores & libraries to carry my books)
  • Making Money from Writing (How I've made writing work for me, so I can have some cash in my pocket)
  • Building Chapbooks (I've been called "The Chapbook Queen." Find out why, and how you too can reign chapbook supreme.)

How was working with Lannie? 

"A consultation with Lannie Stabile was invaluable to me as a debut writer. She guided me to tackle my book launch in a more immersive and direct way than I had ever imagined. Her approach allowed me to celebrate my book by connecting with other organizations and to ask for what I know I deserve. I'm beyond grateful for her guidance."
     -Victoria Buitron, Author of A Body Across Two Hemispheres: A Memoir in Essays

“The 30 minutes I spent on Zoom with Lannie provided me with more practical and creative advice for how to place my book in bookstores and other venues than anything else! She offers strategies for promotion and organization that you won’t find anywhere else because there is no one like Lannie. Not to mention, she is fun to talk to and an overall fabulous human being.”
      -Joan Kwon Glass, Author of BLOODLINE

“I was having trouble placing my book in libraries and bookstores and went to Lannie for help. She gave me such helpful information that's worked for her and even made a flyer to include with my inquiries. My book got placed with its first bookstore! Lannie is it.”
      -Ryan Norman, Author of Cicada Song