On Lannie Stabile:

"Stabile knows how to pack an entire past in a tiny suitcase."  
     -Gabino Iglesias, author of The Devil Takes You Home

"I'd read a collection of Lannie Stabile's grocery lists."
     -Lee Potts, author of And Drought Will Follow

"Anything with Lannie Stabile is a win."
     -Holly Pelesky, author of Quiver

On The Inconvenience of Grief:

"Stabile’s The Inconvenience of Grief is the kind of poetry you’ll think about before you fall asleep, or on the long silences driving to a family barbecue, or in those moments when a winter wind braids through your laughter. Buy this book, read it, and you’ll find yourself returning to it over and over for the rest of your life."     
     -Todd Dillard, author of Ways We Vanish

On Something Dead in Everything:

"The darkly humorous tone combined with poignant glimpses of humanity highlight the best pieces of this collection from Lannie Stabile."
     -D. H. Schleicher, author of And Then We Vanish

"I could never have imagined a collection of stories so delightful about death! Stabile’s lively macabre inventions enchanted me with their comic hauntings and thrilling rage."
     -Polly Rosenwaike, author of Look How Happy I'm Making You

"Stabile's collection is fraught and compelling, as varied as it is interlocked. While all these stories center on the nature of grieving, loss, and disappearance, there's a startling amount of heart."
     -Luke Wortley, author of Purge

"I'm into this *thumbs up*." 
     -Ryan Norman, author of Cicada Song

On Good Morning to Everyone Except Men Who Name Their Dogs Zeus:

"Powerful poetry that gave me nightmares. Excellent."
     -Tiffany Mueret, author of A Flood of Posies

"I muttered 'Holy Shit' after reading last lines so many times."
     -K, Goodreads reviewer

"Stabile wields excellent craft and a razor-sharp intelligence in these beautiful and unflinching poems."
     -Todd Dillard, author of Ways We Vanish

"An official selection of The Leigh Chadwick Good Enough Book Club, GOOD MORNING TO EVERYONE EXCEPT MEN WHO NAME THEIR DOGS ZEUS is a devastatingly beautiful collection of poems. It grips. It lives. It stays. I could not recommend it enough."
     -Leigh Chadwick, author of Your Favorite Poet


Thank you to these folks for saying nice things 🦁