- A Standing Dinner Invitation to My Anger (The Hellebore)

“I am not good 
at having a body.
I think, Maybe
that is because
I am a god.
And this explains
the mountains
I carry on my chest,
the history
tattooed in viscera
along my cavern walls,
the village 
I could breathe
into existence.”

- Governing the Bodies of Gods (Cauldron Anthology)

“Fathers are like nipples: 
we all have them 
But some are hairy, 
some are useless, 
and some sit bare 
in front of the NASCAR races”

- Papa Bear (Marias at Sampaguitas)

“I carved the roast last night.
As steel slid through the tender breast of the beast,
I imagined your hands as my hands,
and its flesh as their flesh.
You always knew what to do with sharp objects.”

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