Natural Disaster


she doesn’t feel like sunshine but she’s been known to fell oaks

with the blaze in her eyes her tongue is spewing out the ancients

the forests the oceans the skies dropping from her mouth like hot craters

black ash birds sense shifts in our molten bodies flocking toward the sun blocking the sun like a boy who tried to outrun the walls his father built around them both

let us too be mythical and dysfunctional

this is no time to panic but she’s looking like i’m the window to a world of oxygen like she will open me wide

like she will climb through on midnight legs into a room crammed with the memory of my mother taking me by the ears

telling me i wasn’t pretty that i was a great beige plain of a child

she’s looking like she will shatter both me and that memory

as i scramble for a way out of her desire i realize our bodies are the exit

the sheets beneath our crackling skins are cooler than the moon weaker than limbs gripped by tinder lips kissed goodnight with fire smile i have never stepped willingly into an inferno but let me walk this road split by the pressure of holding back a burning current

she is titanic she is inverted she is rumbling through the streets eating the villagers and so i would melt my wings i would plummet as a torrid star

i would grow roots in this igneous rock to call her disaster home


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