Kyss Mig

Inspired by the Swedish film Kyss Mig


She leans in amid a background of deer

We, the bevy, are petrified

like Christmas decorations,

heavy and twinkling with anticipation

Doe by doe, a slow-motion charm

echoes this moment of ticking frenzy

Cell by cell, space between us shrivels

our gamy voyeurs dim and retire

The dusk wraps its wooded arms around us

My pulse melts under her tongue,

her breath waves through my teeth

As we fold soundlessly into each other’s night


If I could copy your body,

I’d put the spares in concentric circles.

In the middle, perfect pairs of thighs,

gathering like dense, secreting stems.

Abundant svelte arms and slender


heartily blossoming toward a torrid star.

Nothing less than a goddess bouquet,

I’d shove my nose deep in its center,

inhaling the perfume and grandiose.

I’d touch its golden pollen to my


tasting wildflowers and natural danger,

a combination worthy of endless eons.

When I deemed the arrangement


I’d place the ladies in an ornate vase,

taking care to display their finest


And once I spritzed my prize with love,

I’d present this impeccable posy to you.

One Word Whisper

I am a dry, curling leaf:

part sun, part rust

Stuttering on sidewalks

Vibrant to passersby,

dying since I broke

I am also black mud:

heavy with emptiness

Still a bit frozen within

Sucking at clunky boots,

begging for the next steps

See how I can weigh both


& everything?

How I can trudge through barren

years, but crumble at a whisper?



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