Luna Speaks Interview

With fellow Barren Magazine member, Jane Fleming, Lannie gives advice on writing: Be afraid if you want to, but submit anyway. Get your stuff noticed. When people say you’re talented, believe them. In times of doubt, remember their words.

Lannie joins charming EIC, Keana Águila Labra, to discuss where her obsession with writing started, random acts of kindess, and being queer in the writing community.

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Poet Kind Podcast - Season 2 Episode 4

In her first podcast interview, Lannie chats with one of her favorite people, Susan Mulder. Topics covered include right brain vs. left brain, her day job, and the MMPR Collective.

Marias at Sampaguitas Interview

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The Ginger Collect Interview

Sitting down with the wonderfully weird Ginger Collect, Lannie talks theories on writing, challenges, and Baby Jessica.

Wombwell Rainbow

The Wombwell Rainbow talks with Lannie about "Hector the Collector, John Mellencamp, and her new micro-chap, "Little Masticated Darlings."

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