For a moment there, for just one insane narcissistic self-serving second   I saw your spine cracked in half Tender body racked with black rain Dry-heaving, cries leaving you red Raw, like the very beginning   And I thought so haughtily that I had the upper hand   After all, he never stirred a purge […]

My skull is beneath a giant’s heel He rocks it leisurely back and forth Across the clouded, chewed cement Taunting, tempting and teasing me   A pressure has been culminating for decades   He bellows gleefully, foot poised just so His titanic weight balances precariously Above the weak skin shielding my temple Smile wide, he […]

A response to the recent plagiarism controversy re: Ailey O’Toole and Rachel McKibbens   It is slow sludge struggling through a paper windpipe. I, myself, am choked, clogged like a                                        dead sewer city. My talent is […]

My mother spoons strangers into the living room / like heaping mashed potatoes / She has been fasting all year / and her jaw is unsnapped / ready for gravy boats of colonizers / She places strange hands on the bird / says they’ve earned carving rights / just for invading our small country My […]

When I said I was just beginning to heal,             I meant pieces of my past have been breaking off in painful, messy ways, and I thought the cobbles and pebbles   would bind together to form neat stepping stones so, I would know where the hell I’m going But they’ve washed away in a flood of […]

When my coworker asks, “How are you?” I know she really means, “Hello.” Period. It’s a greeting, not an opening It’s not meant to be inquisitive Though the question mark hangs there: a crooked, crippled body, like mine    I wake up today, but just barely   I wake up every day feeling like gingerbread  […]

You request a regurgitation  Of Keats, but I’d rather write Poetry by swallowing fingers     You can also read this poem here. 

Frugality She spends my love wisely, Counting kisses like pennies     You can also read this poem here. 

Inspired by the Swedish film Kyss Mig   She leans in amid a background of deer We, the bevy, are petrified like Christmas decorations, heavy and twinkling with anticipation Doe by doe, a slow-motion charm echoes this moment of ticking frenzy Cell by cell, space between us shrivels our gamy voyeurs dim and retire The […]

With just her lips as weapons, she molded endless, doughy deep-fried rings of “no.” Offering the word up, right off the belt. Grease spitting, hot and fresh, biting at fingertips and tongues. She knew the recipe by heart, and fed it to the bastards, fattening them up, clogging their arteries. They loved it. And never […]