Contest: Erasure Contest Date: Summer 2019 Featured in Tiny Spoon Org

This spittoon of a day claws into the sky & wrings out a heat index of 96 degrees We all do backstrokes in the pool of community sweat, heat strokes on the asphalt Like an ancient curmudgeon, the sun is hollering at us for existing Get off the lawn Use inside voices Bite your tongues and […]

I won’t be able to make it to the cemetery today; I’m lowkey annoyed, and the concrete faces in black wool remind me of my own skin, and how I couldn’t bag it and give it away Haven’t my aunts always told me I look maudlin in dark shades? Yellow is a better look. If […]

What if conversations on compression socks are all we have now? What if my cloudburst eyes and inclement guilt are the only things I’m left with when I hang up the phone? I’m scared there will only be the memory of a therapist’s office, recalling the damp helplessness of growing up. Learning to pivot from […]

she doesn’t feel like sunshine but she’s been known to fell oaks with the blaze in her eyes her tongue is spewing out the ancients the forests the oceans the skies dropping from her mouth like hot craters black ash birds sense shifts in our molten bodies flocking toward the sun blocking the sun like […]

You must have been three or four years old Pastel and towheaded Your mother is there, youthfully stoic Your face registers distrust, even while your tiny hand rests deadenly on the shoulders of a man in prison-issued khakis His thin fingers choke your thigh as he squeezes your body into the cold space between him […]

Alice tripped into A backyard well When she was knee high to a smoking caterpillar Like Baby Jessica She was 18 months And she spent her time with toothy, feral beasts You can’t carve time Baby Alice But you can crave it Baby all this Could be yours Rabbits run in Concentric circles Making a […]

When “Little Bee” enters a room She always forms a plan The best way to kill herself Should the men come suddenly That’s how loving me is That’s the only way I can describe it The only comparison I can make I craft escape plans Just in case I’m a tad too stormy Unaffected by […]

Tangled in a bewhiskered chest It sang itself around my throat Climbed inside and slandered my lungs Could no longer laugh at our mutations Wound your nerves with my fingers Gambled that you could still feel But your follicles lurched and spilled Muddying my meaty mitochondria Hear the motor ventricle hum Cardiac clotted in a […]

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