Contest: Erasure Contest Date: Summer 2019 Featured in Tiny Spoon Org

Twitter July Contest – Featured on Lunch Ticket Date: July 2019     My feet Are wearied and jaded As a pair, one incites the other like Thelma pleading to Louise Let’s keep going And there is a certain suicide to the rhythm of rubber slapping the cheeks of a street on which a boy […]

Awarded the Best of Net Nominee – 2019 Featured on Blanket Sea My skull is beneath a giant’s heel He rocks it leisurely back and forth Across the clouded, chewed cement Taunting, tempting and teasing me   A pressure has been culminating for decades   He bellows gleefully, foot poised just so His titanic weight […]

Contest Winner Featured on Kissing Dynamite Poetry You can also read this poem here.  When I said I was just beginning to heal,             I meant pieces of my past have been breaking off in painful, messy ways, and I thought the cobbles and pebbles   would bind together to form neat stepping stones so, I would […]