Tangled in a bewhiskered chest It sang itself around my throat Climbed inside and slandered my lungs Could no longer laugh at our mutations   Wound your nerves with my fingers Gambled that you could still feel But your follicles lurched and spilled Muddying my meaty mitochondria   Hear the motor ventricle hum Cardiac clotted […]

My tongue is a scarlet witch tucked deep between misanthropic lips. I beg the hag for an incantation, a love spell presenting the match that will burn my faults like tinder.   My offer is gold Her acceptance is teeth   Each word pronounced deliberately, vowels rolled out like plush red carpet. But without the […]

On fascist and fancy On cancerous vixen  On sobbing and stupid On donned crucifixion Mirthful, plump depravity  Rosy, unguarded veins Bearded in pasty duplicity Slay full of presence How do you visit so many in one night?   You can also find this poem here.