Please know it was never about you, Mom. Roads have always crooked their fingers. Tell Dad rent was paid timely, even if coin was siphoned from the bitter blood you gave me.& the pea on my mattress digs into the women I ladder into bed each night. One-lane suitors you didn’t intend when the town […]

Her razor lips slice open my smile, widening it I don’t know if I should whimper at blood-soaked cavities or terrorize comic book cities   I prefer the taste of pennies to crow   A crimson blade, forked and hissing, licks a slippery trail down my back There is a familiar wound she slides into […]

I’ve given this poem a secret breath between and behind the lines of enemies Crisp and autumn Crass and autonomous There was hunger in our very lungs   Slithering into aching akimbo arms we swallowed each other whole, like eggs   Easter has never been a good month for us   Eternity dripped into misplaced […]

Black, flat tire heart, my plan for you was always cross country Even ferrying the ocean was a tight lug nut concept Barreling ahead, the glare of “wet pavement” signs foretelling tears that would leave me: evaporate, condensate, & precipitate                                […]

Yo, I’m not the most spiritual, but I wanted to thank you for giving me that push, that oomph, to start writing seriously, and not just because my garbage can of emotions is brimming over.  Yeah, writing rotten, emoting poetry is awesome, but have you ever tried pursuing a dream? Listen, I know I’m a […]

It will take you a long time to learn some things. But eventually… You will learn your mother loves you more than herself but less than the dependency she has on others’ dependency. She loves herself more than she loves you. And not even your cleverness can quite swallow the smoking gun of that conundrum. […]

This vessel is fissured so soon, this vessel is fissured so soon. Drowning in a field of two irises, difficult to reconcile days with dreams, when she inspires each and both, like an ancient salted myth.   Muscles sail to offer protection. Muted sirens can still lure men, muted sirens can still lure men. Never […]

The arthritis within my hands has been thick like stew   Fat potato knuckles crack like carrots   Pain pops like peas to the top of my boiling pot   Peppered with gray ache   Bowls cradled in palms scorching life lines always holding damage   These hands were once meat now they are gristle […]

On October 14, 1987, Jessica McClure, at 18 months, fell into a well in her aunt’s backyard. Baby Jessica was in there for 56 hours, singing. Alice tripped into A backyard well When she was knee high to a smoking caterpillar   Like Baby Jessica   She was 18 months And she spent her time […]

Response to reading “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave   When “Little Bee” enters a room She always forms a plan The best way to kill herself Should the men come suddenly   That’s how loving me is   That’s the only way I can describe it The only comparison I can make   I craft […]