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Showcasing her 10+ years of experience in technical writing, she revamped the SOP for a telecom company, and completely built from scratch the SOPs for Michigan CAT and Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program.

At Eastern Michigan University, where Lannie obtained a Creative Writing degree, she held a staff writer position for the college newspaper, The Eastern Echo, gleaning experience in writing features and reviews. Honing her journalistic skills, she also held a staff writer position for the online sex education presence, LTASEX.  

Lannie has pursued many things, including leading a youth writing group at a local library, co-founding a college writing group, and co-founding a book club. After all, writers are readers first.

Current projects include a collaborative chapbook and a YA novel. Most recently, she has doubled her efforts in performance poetry, and was a featured poet at Ann Arbor Pride in August of 2017 and 2018.  

Lannie has dabbled in copywriting and blog posts, but would like to expand those skills.

Lannie Stabile is both a creative and technical writer that creates content for emerging businesses

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